String Change(standard),includes the brand new strings, fret polish and fretboard cleaning.

6 String Classical, Acoustic, Electric guitars, 4-6 string Bass, Violins:  $45 (Full set of strings)  $25 (one string).

Floyd rose,12 string guitars: $60 (Full set of strings).


Setup tasks will vary depending on what's required, and may include: nut and saddle setup & height adjustment, frets levelling and recrown, fret polish, fretboard clean; oil & polish, truss rod adjustment, restring, cleaning of electronics and pickup height adjustment(electric only).

Acoustic /Classical: $100

Electric solid body/Bass guitar: $120

Complex setup, Floyd Rose, 12 string:$150

Making and fitting new bone nut or saddle:$55 for one,$80 for both.


Pickups swap(excludes the pickup/s)

Single:$90 Double:$150 Triple:$160

Output Jack change:$35


Acoustic/Classical bridge repair: Quoted on assessment, typically $120-$360


Repair quotes: We require an up front, non-refundable fee of $50 for repair quotes. This will be deducted from the repair total once complete.


All return customers get 10% off from above price