Portable 88 Keys Foldable/ Rechargeable Digital Piano Electronic Keyboard PJ88C





Portable 88 Keys Foldable/ Rechargeable Digital Piano Electronic Keyboard PJ88C

* Portable Keyboard Piano can be folded in half,  Light weight 6.0 kg .Equipped with carrying bag, whether you practice at school, go on a trip, perform outdoors, it can go with you. and doesn’t take up too much space.
* The digital piano is touch sensitive and velocity sensitive which enables you to play many different keys with the same height and a certain sense of depression, and strengthening fingering exercises. 
* Compatible with a variety of music editing software and USB plug and play, it can support various digital audio workstation software such as Cubase, flstudio and so on without additional power supply.
* Dual keyboard, metronome, chord, Bluetooth app audio, tonic and vibrato input functions.

* This foldable  piano is comfortable to use, does not hurt your fingers, and has a rich tone, which is very suitable for piano practice. Volume's from soft to loud. Mobilephone BT connection, you can follow the mobilephone APP to practice piano. Standard piano keys width, restore piano feel. Providing more sensitive touch to adapt to different playing styles, more suitable for beginners.

Model: PJ88C
Material: ABS
Colour: black
Speaker: With stereo dual speakers for sound
Power supply: 
1. Built-in battery 3. 7V/1800mah
2. USB 5V/1A supply
Tone: 128
Rhythm: 128
Demo: 20
White-key size: 142 * 22mm
Black-key size: 92 * 12mm
White-key keystroke: 13 mm
Black-key keystroke: 8-10 mm

 Package Included:
1 x PJ88C electric piano
1 x Pedal
1 x USB cable
1 x Bag
1x Piano score stand
1 x Manual 

Protection of electric piano
1. Clean the electric piano with a soft and clean towel
2. Keep the electric piano well after use. Do not store the electric piano in a hot and humid place

1. Press the opening and closing switch of the bottom piano body, and then close the left and right piano keys
2. Separate and straighten the closed left and right keys to open them
3. Only professionals can maintain the piano body
4. It is forbidden to pull the connecting wire between the left and right piano bodies
5. Do not put the electric piano in a hot or humid place
6. Do not place the electric piano in a place with strong current, so as not to affect the function of the electric piano