Haze HSG-30 Guitar Amplifier, 30Watt, Black,Light-Weight w/2 Guitar Input Jacks


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Haze HSG-30 Guitar Amplifier, 30Watt, Black,Light-Weight w/2 Guitar Input Jackst

Haze HSG-30 30Watt guitar amplifier is a great guitar amplifier for practice and performance with its light-weight (5.5kg) but versatile design. It is compact in size and easy to travel with. Great for coffee houses, small group gatherings, songwriting sessions, practicing, etc..

The Haze HSG-30 features one 8" speaker and has separate controls for DRIVE (Crunch & Master) and Equalization (Bass, Middle and Treble). It also has a headphone output Jack and CD/Line connection jack. This amp weighs 5.5kg and measures approximately 330mm tall x 410mm wide x 205mm deep. This rugged black molded amp has black plastic corner bumpers and a black soft speaker grille cover.


★ 2 Input jack

★ The clean tone and distortion channel

 3 equalizer adjust

 CD/LINE IN audio input

 Headphone output


** Specifications **

OUTPUT POWER:                   30W(MAX)

AC POWER:                              220V ~ 240V 50HZ 

OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:          4 ohms 

SPEAKER:                               8"(Inch)     

DIMENSIONS:                         330(H) X 410(W) X 205(D) mm

SNR:                                         Frequency 70 db

NET WEIGHT:                         5.5kg

COLOR:                                    Black

MADE IN:                                China                      


**Control Functions**                                   

Input                              Connection for electric guitar (with 2 input)

Volume                          Adjusts the overall level or volume of the amplifier

Crunch                          To select between DRIVE and CLEAN

Master                           The volume of crunch

Bass                               Controls the boost & cut of the low frequencies range

MID                               Controls the boost & cut of the middle frequencies range

Treble                            Controls the boost & cut of the upper frequencies range

CD/LINE IN                 Connection for DC or MP3

Phone                             For connecting headphones with a 6.5mm stereo plug. (When using the headphone jack, the speaker is disconnected)

                                       When using the headphone jack, the speaker is disconnected

Power                             Turns amplifier ON/OFF


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