Haze 20W Rechargeable Guitar Amplifier w/Bluetooth Speakers, MIC Inputs HSGR-20


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Haze 20W Rechargeable Guitar Amplifier w/Bluetooth Speakers, MIC Inputs HSGR-20


★ USB module/ Reading card / Bluetooth / Remote control

★ 2 INPUT (for Guitar or Microphone)+ 2 Mic. Input (at the back) & AUX in

★ 5 Equalizer Adjust: Distortion, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume

★ Headphone output

★ Rechargeable 

Operation Manual

 ** Control Functions ** 

INPUT1                Connection for electric guitars or acoustic guitars

INPUT2                Connection for Guitar or Microphone

S.W                      Select between DRIVE and CLEAN

DIST                     To adjust the degree of distortion

BASS                    Controls the boost and cut of the low frequency range

MID                      Controls the boost and cut of the middle frequency range

TREBLE               Controls the boost and cut of the upper frequency range

VOLUME             Adjusts the overall level or volume of the Amplifier

AUX                     Connection for accompaniment or other signals

PHONES               For connecting headphone or mixer (When using the headphone jack, the speaker is disconnected)

ON/OFF                Turn on/off the functions of MP3/Reading card/Bluetooth/USB

POWER                Turns Amplifier ON or OFF

Mic1/Mic2            Connection for Microphone

VOLUME             Adjusts the volume for the microphone

REVERB              Adjusts the level of the reverberate for microphone

** Specifications **

 OUTPUT POWER:                 20W(MAX)

OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:         4 ohms

SPEAKER:                               6.5(Inch), 4(ohm)     

AC POWER:                            220V    50hz

SNR:                                        Frequency 70db

DIMENSIONS:                        310(H) X 295(W) X 160(D) mm

NET WEIGHT:                         6.1kg

COLOR:                                   Black

MADE IN:                                China

** Additional Functions **

BLUETOOTH:                Press MODE,BLUE will appear on the screen, Turn on the BLUETOOTH function of the mobile phone, Search for the Bluetooth devices, Click the link

                                         (For a better sound effect, please put your phone on the FLIGHT MODE when you turn on the BLUETOOTH function.)

FM Radio:                       Press MODE,FM will appear on the screen,Click SCAN searching FM radio channels, After Auto-scan completed, switching different channels by click “-“ or “+”

MicroSD & USB:            Providing both removable MicroSD and direct USB cable connection, as internal memory that allows you to playback pre-recorded tracks & loops.

AUX in port:                   For audio equipment connection, receives peripheral sound sources, such as digital music players or audio speakers.

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