Haze Vintage Tweed 35W Guita Combo Amplifier, w/Spring Reverb,Brand New, V35RG

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Sweet clean tones will emanate from the vintage design, whilst pushing the drive setting up will delve you into rich layers of gain, producing sounds to suit all styles from blues to classic rock to all-out metal, with a sweet spring reverb available with this model.

** Features/Specifications **

OUTPUT POWER:                           35W (RMS)

INPUT:                                           1 x Input

SPEAKER:                                       10(Inch), 8(ohm) (Lead)   

INPUT SENSITIVITY:                      Normal 30mV, F = 1KHz Volume & Tone Max

NOISE:                                              -20dB (Gain Max), -55dB (Gain Min)

REVERB:                                       Spring Reverb

AC POWER:                                    24V; 50/60Hz; 5MM. 0.25A. FAST. BLO

DIMENSIONS:                                 390(W) X 385(H) X 235(D) mm

POWER CONSUMPTION:              38W

NET WEIGHT:                                 10.3kg

CONTROLS:                                    (Drive) - Volume/Gain; Driver S/W

      (Clean) - Volume/High/Middle/Low

      (Reverb) - Volume

      Power S/W

** Control Functions **

INPUT                           :  Connection for instrument

VOLUME(DRIVE)       : Adjusts the overall level/loudness of the overdrive channel 

GAIN(DRIVE)              :  Sets the amount of gain or distortion in the overdrive

                                          Channel higher setting provide additional distortion

SELECT S/W                : Select between ch-1(drive) and ch-2(clean)

VOLUME(CLEAN)      : Setting from zero to full power

HIGH                             :  Provides high frequency equalization as required

MIDDLE                       :  Provides active midrange equalization with boost & cut

LOW                             :  Provides desired amount of bass response

VOLUME(REVERB)   : Adjust the amount of reverb added to the normal signal

HEADPHONE              : Used to connect stereo headphone

                                        Automatically turns off the amplifier speaker 

ON/OFF                        : Turns amplifier on & off


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