Haze Vintage Tweed 35W Bass Combo Amplifier-Brand New, V35B

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Haze Vintage Tweed 35W Bass Combo Amplifier-Brand New, V35B

This attractive Haze V35B Vintage Bass Amplifier is a fantastic Amplifier for everyone, from the eager learner right through to the practicing professional.

** Features/Specifications **

OUTPUT POWER:                           35W (RMS)

SPEAKER:                                       10(Inch), 8(ohm)   

AC POWER:                                     24V; 50/60Hz; 5MM. 0.5A. FAST. BLO

DIMENSIONS:                                 415(W) X 385(H) X 240(D) mm

POWER CONSUMPTION:              45W

NET WEIGHT:                                 11.25kg

INPUT:                                              High, Low Input

INPUT SENSITIVITY:                      Normal 50mV, F = 1KHz Volume & Tone Max

NOISE:                                              -37dB (Gain Max), -65dB (Gain Min)

CONTROLS:                                    Volume(Master), Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence(Effect), Power S/W


** Control Functions **

INPUT (2-WAY):                     1/4" jack for instrument input.

VOLUME (Master):                  Setting from zero to full power

TREBLE:                                 Provides high frequency equalization as required

MIDDLE:                                 Provides active midrange equalization with boost & cut

BASS:                                      Provides desired amount of bass response

PRESENCE (EFFECT):          Lift the high frequency end of the signal

HEADPHONE:                 Used to connect stereo headphone. Automatically turns off the amplifier speaker

ON/OFF SWITCH:          Turns the AC power on and off


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