Chinese 2-stringed Fiddle,Erhu, Solid Timber Body,Neck + Foam Case, Extra String



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Full Set Chinese 2-stringed fiddle, Erhu, Solid Timber Body,Neck+Foam Case,Extra String


The Erhu is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, more specifically a spike fiddle, which may also be called a Southern Fiddle, and sometimes known in the Western world as the Chinese violin or a Chinese two-stringed fiddle. It is used as a solo instrument as well as in small ensembles and large orchestras. It is the most popular of the Huqin family of traditional bowed string instruments used by various ethnic groups of China. A very versatile instrument, the erhu is used in both traditional and contemporary music arrangements, such as in pop, rock, jazz, etc. and makes a calm sound.



Solid timber, Hexagonal (both sides) Resonator body

The python skin gives the Erhu its characteristic sound

Solid timber Neck

Simple curve Top with a piece of plastic on top

Traditional wooden tuning pegs

White String nut

Inner string (nearest to player), usually tuned to D4

Outer string, usually tuned to A4

Wooden bridge (1 available)

Bamboo bow with black horsehair

A piece of sponge pad (placed between the strings and skin below the bridge to improve its sound)

Wooden base to provide a smooth surface on which to rest on the leg

Made in Suzhou, China

Full kit: 1 Light-weight foam case, 1 Erhu, 1 Bow, 2 Strings, 1 String nut, 1 bridge, 1 Sponge pad.


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