Haze 40R-MIC Guitar Amplifier,40 Watt,BK.Reverb,Delay,Headphone Output


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Haze 40R-MIC Guitar Amplifier,40 Watt,BK.Reverb,Delay,Headphone Output


Haze HSG-40R-MIC 40Watt guitar amplifier is a great performance and practice amp., small but versatile. It is compact in size and easy to travel with. Great for coffee houses, group gatherings, songwriting sessions, practicing and performance, etc..

The Haze HSG-40R-MIC features one 8" speaker and has separate controls for Volume, Treble, Bass, Delay(Length) and Reverb(depth). It also has a Microphone input and headphone output Jack. This amp weighs 6.65kg and measures approximately 340mm tall x 450mm wide x 220mm deep. This rugged black molded amp has black plastic corner bumpers and a soft speaker grille cover.

 3 Input Jack: Microphone input, Guitar input w/Low level output, Guitar input w/High level output

 The clean tone and distortion channel 

 Lineout Jack

 With Reverb(Depth) and Delay(Length) adjuster 

 3-Band Equqlizer: Treble, Middle, Bass

 Headphone output


** Specifications **

OUTPUT POWER:                 40W(MAX)

OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:         4 ohms

SPEAKER:                               8(Inch), 4(ohm)     

AC POWER:                            220V ~ 240V   50hz

SNR:                                        Frequency 70db

DIMENSIONS:                        340(H) X 450(W) X 220(D) mm

NET WEIGHT:                        6.65kg

COLOR:                                   Black

MADE IN:                               China                             


**Control Functions**                                   

INPUT                 Connection for microphone

VOLUME            Adjusts the overall level or volume of the microphone

HIGH                   To connect guitar with low-level output

LOW                    To connect guitar with high-level output

GAIN                   Select between DRIVE and CLEAN

SELECT              To adjust the preamplifier effect level for gain channel

TREBLE              Controls the boost and cut of the upper frequency range, the treble control will make the sound brighter

MIDDLE             Controls the boost and cut of the middle frequency range

BASS                   Controls the boost and cut of the low frequency range

Length(DELAY)  To change the time and amount of delay effects

Depth(REVERB)  To adjust the reverb level

VOLUME        Adjusts the overall level or volume of the Amplifier

LINEOUT        To connect to mixer or sound card or recording equipment

PHONES         For connecting headphone with a 6.5mm stereo plug (When using the headphone jack, the speaker is disconnected)

POWER          Turns Amplifier ON or OFF


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